Paint Shop Tutorials 2

How to make plaid from any image

Did you know that you can turn any image into a plaid?  I know, right?  AWESOME!  All you need is any version of Paint Shop Pro and any image that has more than 2 colors in it.  So, here’s how you do it:

1. Open a new image, white background, 1 x 200 pixels


2. Open your starter image and select any area 1 x 200 pixels


3. Copy that selection and paste it into your 1 x 200 white image, as new layer

4, Merge layer flatten
5. Resize image 200 x 200, resize all layers, maintain aspect deselected, resize type: pixel resize

6. Duplicate layer.  Set opacity at 50%

7. Image>rotate layer 90 degrees left or right, rotate all layers deselected


8. Merge all layers and you’re done!

Here’s another plaid I made, and the image I started with.  You can see, the possibilities are endless.