Video killed the holiday stars

When I was a kid, the one sure way to know that the holidays were coming was to look in the TV Guide.  Once you saw “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” listed, you knew for sure the holiday season had started.  So, you planned your week around that one night.  Your best friend HAD to be there, as well as all your fringe friends.  Holiday specials are best watched in groups, especially considering the fact that your parents had no more understanding of their vast importance than they did of how to play hopscotch.  With friends gathered and snack foods unwrapped, you glued your eyes to the TV from the first tinkling notes of Beethoven to the last.

Nowadays, we have DVD and Blue Ray and holiday specials aren’t special anymore.  You can watch them any time you want…with friends or without.  They are no longer a reason for celebration, their impact lost and diluted by the frequency of their play on that silly DVD machine.

Baby Boomers like me have children, grandchildren, a second and third generation with whom to share that idyllic childhood moment.  Only problem is, they aren’t idyllic anymore and the kids flat out don’t care.

“Let’s watch Charlie Brown tonight,” you say to them.

“Charlie Brown?  Why?”  They blink at you like you’ve suddenly sprouted a second head.

“It’s almost Christmas.  Come on!  We HAVE to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“We can watch that any time.  Besides, it’s old.”

“No it’s not it’s…” and suddenly you realize that it IS old…and you are old…and that old holiday joy slips away.

In the end, you search Ebay frantically to see if you can find a newly mastered hi def version and you bribe those little stinkers with some hot cocoa and sticky candy to get them to watch with you.  You can’t watch it alone, ya know?  You’d look silly, a post-menopausal testament to round-screened TVs and post-war, pre-video childhood joy.

Even if they DO watch with you, it’s not special anymore.  It’s not the same and you finally accept that…along with the fact that YOU are not the same.  Like Charlie Brown, you’re older now, out of step with the times.  Your film is grainy and your audio sounds a bit weak and single-channel.

Maybe if Lucy got a tramp stamp.

Or Linus could trade his blanket for bling.

Maybe YOU could get a facelift and a little botox.

Maybe Schroeder needs to trade his piano for a nice synthesizer.

Naw!  Like Lucy, Linus and Schroeder, we’re classics.  There’s a reason classics survive all those years.  They’re perfect just the way they are and so are we.  A little rough around the edges, a little old-school, but filled with wisdom and warmth and a touch of irony.

Time to watch the Great Pumpkin again.  45th time for me.  Time to remember why it’s so important, so classic, so…well….special.  Time to make the kids remember too.

Have a Happy Halloween,


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  1. Halloween Ideas Blog » Blog Archive » Video killed the holiday stars Says:

    […] admin wrote an interesting post today onVideo killed the holiday starsHere’s a quick excerptOnce you saw “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” listed, you knew for sure the holiday season had started. So, you planned your week around that one night. Your best friend HAD to be there, as well as all your fringe friends. … […]

  2. David Says:

    YOU are a classic…best present *I* ever got. I’ll watch Snoopy with you anytime…

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