Products I Can’t Live Without

I thought it would be fun, for once, to sit down and consider all the products I use around my house to keep us all clean and organized.  Of course, I would be lost without my three hole punch, my scrapbook glue (which makes and repairs a myriad of things) and my computer.  But there are other things I’ve found over the years that I simply can’t live without, now that I have them.
1. Boon Animal Bag

Boon Animal Bag

Boon Animal Bag

This is one of those things that, if you have children, can save your life and your sanity.  Basically, it is a bean bag-like chair that holds literally hundreds of stuffed animals.  Katie has nearly a thousand stuffies and she needs at least 2 more animal bags.  This little wonder was bought as a test of the system.  It held WAY more stuffies than I ever thought possible, is VERY durable, and makes a rather comfortable seat.  You can check it out at the Boon site.

2. Boon Lawn

Boon Lawn

This is one of those things that you don’t realize how much you need it until you have it.  It’s a drying rack for your dishes, folks.  Mine is used to hold the daily glasses.  Everyone has an initialed glass and they use ONLY that glass.  They get rinsed out after each use and set out on the lawn to drain.  It keeps dozens of glasses and cups out of my dishwasher, saves time and energy, plus teaches responsibility.  The green grass comes out of the bottom tray for drainage and cleaning.  It holds everything from my frying pan to the most delicate of crystal.  It looks great, has attachments available to hold things like bottle nipples and such.  Find the specs at Boon Inc.

3. Kikkerland’s Grass Charging Station

Kikkerland Grass Charging Station


Before this came along, there were cords all over the house.  Cell phones, Ipads, Ipods and other items had to be charged.  There were never enough outlets.  It was horrible.  Now, the extension cord with a multi-outlet head goes into the base of the grass, and the USB charger cords get plugged into it.  Items are safely nestled in the grass with no damage or scratching.  It’s all very neat and a lot safer.  The item is available at Amazon and a ton of other places, but you can get specifics at the Kikkerland site.

4. Dirt Devil Kurv Hand Vacuum

Dirt Devil Kurv

This is the best hand vac I’ve ever owned.  We have a chinchilla who tends fling a lot of poo.  I have to sweep his mess up daily, along with a ton of other little messes.  This little vac handles it all, charges quickly, and has never lost suction.  Aside from all that, it looks pretty just sitting out.  Like a work of art.  It can be a bit pricey but I got mine at Rose’s for $15.  If you watch Walmart and Target, you can get a deal.  See the specs at the Dirt Devil site.

5. Snap n’Stack craft storage boxes

Snap n'Stack

These storage containers are like a dream come true!  Mine is turquoise (natch!) and it has three levels.  You can stack and stack and stack until the cows come home.  They’re easily portable, come in a ton of configurations.  I even bought several for storing Christmas ornaments and lights.  I plan on buying more.  I found mine both at Jo-ann’s and at Walmart but they’re available at a host of places, including the Container Store.  I promise that you’ll love them.  Oh, and take a peek at the one for storing ribbons.  If I used ribbon, that’s where I’d keep it.  Genius!

Well, that’s about it for now.  You should know that I am in no way sponsored or compensated by these companies.  I just LOVE these products and want to sing their praises.  You’ll note from previous posts that I’m equally quick to mouth-off about products that DON’T work, so rest assured that I am unbiased in any way.  I just love things that work well and hate things that don’t.




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  1. Joshua Kerrigan Says:

    This is a great post, I think you should turn it into a 2 or 3 part series.

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