Neat Dot Picture Redux — With Tutorial

So, I found this awesome tut through Pinterest.  It’s a rather modern art piece, simply made by any of us and quite stunning.  You can find the original here: Two Girls Being Crafty. It occurred to me while I was looking at it that it would be a little difficult for a young child to accomplish.  So I set out to make it really kid friendly.  Here’s what I came up with:

Nearly Instant Dot Art


Canvas or canvas board

Brown Paint Pen or Sharpie

Paper in your choice of colors

Circle punches in 2 sizes

A regular hole punch

Non-toxic glue stick


You don’t need to prep the canvas in any way.  Although, if you would like a slightly warmer background, you might want to paint it with a coat of cream acrylic paint.  That’s up to you.  Make sure to have adequate ventilation when you let your child use the paint pen.  Fumes can be a bit strong in a small space.  Get the pen ready for them, then let them go at it.  There’s no precision here, just some random, unstraight lines.  Varying the length and which sides of the branches the “twigs” are on adds interest, but it really looks better the more random it is.  This is what we had at that point:


The stems should look something like this


Now the REAL fun starts.  Give your child the hole punches and paper and let them go at it!  All different sizes, all colors, whatever they want.  We chose colors that go with our house: Brown, apple green, and turquoise. I told Katie to lay the dots on without glue at first, to make sure they looked just right before she committed to glue.  That’s when we had a little mishap.  It was my fault.  I had a totally mental moment.  A dog hair had become ensconced in the middle of the picture and I couldn’t seem to pick it off.  So, I gave it a good blow and…you guessed it!…the dots went flying everywhere.  We recovered, gathered them up again, and put them back in their places.

Don’t be surprised if your child has a little trouble with the glue stick at first.  I found that school kids are very used to just smearing the glue stick everywhere, safe in the knowledge that it “dries clear.”  It may dry clear, but it will leave a sheen wherever it is applied.  I helped with the glue.

When the gluing is all done, slowly (I cannot emphasize this enough) tilt the picture up to see if you’ve forgotten to glue down any of the dots.  Glue them down.  Tilt again…and keep doing that until no dots are left unglued.  Then….you’re done!


The finished Original


We think it turned out great and we sure had a lot of laughs making it.  Especially when stupid Mommy blew the dots across the bed.  This project inspired Katie to make another one.  Still made from cut-out circles, this one depicted two caterpillars and a butterfly with a little flight trail.  I’ll post a picture of that one when Katie wakes up.  Maybe it’s the mom in me speaking, but I think it’s genius!





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  1. Elvia Hibbetts Says:

    How fun! I started back to school last winter… I am currently taking my second studio painting course and loving it! Yesterday I brought my 11 year old daughter to the studio and it was so sweet to watch her sit in my painting chair and in my painting space… it felt so right. I enjoy your work so much, Sania! Thank you for sharing. Your blog is one of my treats ~ Sue

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