How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Well, another year has come and gone.  The decorations are put away….mostly.  And the kids are back in school.  Katie gets three weeks for Christmas vacation, so there was a lot of time to spend shopping and crafting.  We made sparkly snow playdough and cinnamon ornaments.  We made fudge and egg nog.  And we spent time with her brother, Bill, who got leave from the Navy.  The day after Christmas, Katie made cupcakes in her Easy Bake Oven.  Thanks, Santa!  They were delish.

So, with all that done, we packed up our Christmas goodies to store them for another year.  For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been storing most of our ornaments in an old Yaffa Blox box.  It’s tattered and torn but it has served us well, if not beautifully.  This year, I decided to trust our precious ornaments to something a little more conventional.  I rushed out to Walmart and bought every Snaplock storage container they had: 3.  They come with awesome dividers and they stack and they have handles.  Can you tell I’m giddy with excitement?  Here’s a picture of our little beauties…

Christmas Storage

Wonderful storage for your ornaments

Each of these babies holds 32 ornaments.  Here’s a little tip: Place a coffee filter in the bottom of each divided square to give your ornaments some extra cushion.  I even stacked 2 ornaments in one square when they were small enough.  I just put 2 filters in.  There was another container which held 4 spindles in a hanging file fashion and which now houses all our lights.  It was a wonderful find but I didn’t get a picture before I put them all in the attic.

We had a few days of down-time, during which we started to feel the boring monster creep in.  So, we took the chance to do a few small projects.  We organized Katie’s sock drawer with a new divider:

Super neat sock solution

And then we went to the thrift store.  I found these nifty old holiday cans.I threw in the Corinthians can from our snack time.  As you can see, they were in need of some help.

Old cans from the thrift store

I gave them a coat of primer and some paint to make them match my decor.

Better than new!

Now they will live in my pantry, where they will be labeled and will house my family’s many batteries.

That’s about it for our Christmas.  Valentine’s day is fast approaching, so we’ll be crafting some neat decorations for the event.  And I’ve started organizing my pantry (a huge job) so that I can blog about that when I’m done.  Next will come the big linen closet, the little linen closet and finally our own walk-in closet.  We’ll ignore the other two closets for now.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a neat little project tutorial based on something I found on Pinterest.  Ah Pinterest!  Owner of most of the hours in a day and the cause of more than one crafting binge.  I love it!





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