Home Organization Tip #3

Always clean from the top down and the right to the left. Gravity does work.  If you start cleaning at the bottom, your cleaning solution at the top will drip down over your newly cleaned surface.  It’s a simple thing, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t think about this simple fact.  And if you clean from right to left (left to right if you’re left-handed) it will shave 60% off the time it takes to clean something.  Remember to spray with one hand, wipe with the other, simultaneously.  Most of us spray and then wipe, which takes longer.  Also, did you know that cleaning a room counterclockwise saves time?  Make one pass, cleaning and gathering clutter as you go.  You can put things away in that room at the same time you’re cleaning that spot, thus saving time.  If the room is overly large, you can clean in a counterclockwise spiral to save time.  Happy cleaning!

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