Change is in the air

I’m not talking about fall, either.  Change is everywhere and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s change.  I grew up in a house where the furniture was never re-arranged, where neighbors never moved, where nothing whatever changed for 15 years.  Now, everything’s changing.

Fall is coming, that’s true.  For me, it signals an end to the glorious summer heat and begins that dreaded cold, gray, dead portion of the year otherwise known as winter.  I hate winter.  Everything dies in winter.  The sky is always gray.  The electric bill triples when the cold sets in.

The very last episode of Guiding Light ever will air on Friday.  I’m depressed beyond words.  I’ve watched that show for 40 years and I figured it would always be there.  In fact, I was contemplating ways to come back after I’d died, just so I could stay current on the soap.  I was just getting used to the fact that Steph is away at college and baby Katie had started school.  They took the last Star Trek series off the air and now THIS!  It ain’t fair, I tell ya!  They need to give an old broad time to adjust before they throw in those new changes.

I’ve been trying to use the alone time constructively; trying to get the house finished and ready to put on the market.  The good news is that we can double what we paid for it.  The bad news is that it took eight years of back-breaking work to get it to that point.  Eight years and about $40,000.  There are still 2 columns to be replaced, a bit of wood to put in the porch ceiling, the kitchen and bathroom flooring to be replaced.  Then it’s done.  Oh, and the third paint job for that porch.  Funny but the beautiful wrap-around porch that drew us to the house is now the butt-busting thing that makes us want out.  120 continuous feet of porch to paint and I’ve done it twice now.  It refuses to stay painted.  For those of you seeking old houses, please steer away from any house that has a porch, covered or not.  It will kill you in the end.

So, this is the process I refer to as chewing off my leg.  I’m doing anything and everything to get out of this house.  We can drop our bills by $900 a month by moving just a few miles down the road.  And we can get rid of this huge sprawling space that won’t be needed soon.  We’ve already picked out the house of our dreams.  I was going to build one but if we did that, we’d have to rent a place until the new house was done.  That sure wouldn’t drop our bills any.  Aside from that, there’s a distinct lack of decent contractors in this area, especially those of the mason variety.

We found this new house as we find all other things….by accident.  I had met a realtor to look at this one place and on the way home, we happened to be driving just the right direction, the sun in just the right position, so that we could make out the realtor’s sign which was obscured by the bushes.  It had escaped my online search because of my tight criteria….a 4/2 with at least 2500 square feet.  It was listed as a 3/2 but had this glorious bonus room next to the other bedrooms.  Thus, a 4/2.5 in reality.

It has a concrete slab…one of the few in this area…and it’s stucco….the ONLY house in this area that is stucco.  Billy pointed out to me the vast similarities to our house in Florida.  Both were CBS, both grey and white, the floor plans are almost identical.  So, as I hurry to finish this dump….I mean, classic old house…and get it on the market, our dream home awaits.  Hopefully, it will NOT be anyone else’s dream home.  I have hope.  It’s been on the market for over a year and has only shown twice….once to me.   It’s an oddity around here; doesn’t even look like the other houses in this area.  So, maybe I’m the only one who can appreciate that custom dreamboat of a house.  Maybe some sucker…err….lucky buyer will snatch my house off the market.  Sure would be nice to drop the electric bills from $1100 in the winter to $300.  Sure would be nice to cut our taxes in half.  It would be nicer to live in a neighborhood where there are other children….children who had NOT been to jail before they’d been to kindergarten.

Mazel tov!

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