Product review: Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

These days, I don’t often find things that impress me.  Heck, for the most part, America is falling apart.  Juice pouches are springing leaks in the box, my Kleenex tissues are noticeably thinner, and the stupid water bottles are so thin they might as well BE Kleenex.

A month ago, I saw the commercial for the Purex Laundry Sheets.  I figured, anything that saves time and prevents the fabric softener from being forgotten is a major boon to society.  So, I gave them a try.  I’m pleased to say, they performed far better than expected, and at a considerable savings.

I have to admit, the sheets don’t get my laundry quite as soft as the old liquid Downy did, but it’s still plenty soft.  My laundry is just as clean, just as many stains are taken out as with my old Cheer (which I used for nearly 20 years) and there’s ZERO static….something I couldn’t say about Cheer or Downy.

Here’s the most important part: I traditionally pay $8.95 for a bottle of liquid Cheer, plus another $4.95 for a bottle of liquid Downy.  This gets me 20 loads of clean soft clothes, and at a cost of  $13.90.  Now, I pay $5.95 for a package of 20 Purex Laundry Sheets.  That gives me 20 loads of clean soft laundry for just…well…$5.95.  Right off the bat, I’ve saved myself just under $8.00, plus an extra step in the laundry process.  You gotta admit…that ROCKS!

I might also mention that I stopped using Cheer because their new bright, white formula was making us all itch insanely.  Even the dogs got a little itchy and started shedding when I washed their bath towels in it.

So, for us at least, it’s goodbye, Cheer and hello, Purex!  I give this particular item 8 out of 10 stars, simply because I would like a choice of scent and because the plastic container doesn’t seal well enough and some of the scent bleeds off.  Other than that, it’s PUR-fect

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