My son’s bedroom

Earlier, I talked about redecorating my son, Billy’s, room.  Well, against all the odds, I finished within a week.  Now, I know there are multiple shows that can do it in one day, etc.  But they don’t have to deal with my son’s stuff and a division of efforts between that project and the daily tasks that make a house run.

I’ll put pictures here, before and after.  If there are small children, you might want to have them leave the room.  This is pretty shocking.

Before 1:

Before 1

After 1:

After 1

Before 2:

Before 2

After 2:

After 2

Before 3:

Before 3

After 3:

After 3

After 4:

After 4

After 5:

After 5

So whaddya think?  Was it worth a week of our time and $300?  Btw, the kids helped a lot, hauling stuff, lifting, painting, cleaning.  Billy picked out everything that went into the room.  And it’s a good thing I asked.  I was going to do a Surprise by Design thing while he was away at basketball camp and redo his room in an ipod silhouette/guitar hero theme.  As it turns out….he wouldn’t have liked it.  Just when I think I have everything figured out….

They start on our roof tomorrow.  I’m so excited I could just shit.  Seriously.  We’ve worked and saved and searched for this for 7 years.  Believe you me, there WILL be a ton of pictures when that project is done.

Love and peace,


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2 Responses to “My son’s bedroom”

  1. David Says:

    Good pictures! All teenage boys should be so lucky…mom rules, and the room is one of the coolest in the house!

  2. wordvixen Says:

    Well worth the $300! That room looks incredible, and the wall color? *swoon* I so want that color.

    Although, I must ask. How on earth did you manage to change kids with a $300 budget?

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