The best drink ever made

When they opened the new McDonald’s McCafe in Elizabeth City, I instantly fell in love with their iced mocha.  My biggest problem is that the McCafe is 15 miles away from home (the current home, that is, not the future home) and they cost about $4.00.  So, I did what I always do…I searched for a recipe to make them myself.  As with all things, I wanted it to be simple, cheap, and taste as good as the original.  There were some recipes that tasted great, but required ingredients that weren’t always readily available.  Others were easy but tasted less than great.  By lucky happenstance, I found a wonderful blog with just the perfect recipe on it….simple, tastes great, costs pennies.  Rather than repeat it here and deprive you all of the beauty that is Amanda’s site….

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4 Responses to “The best drink ever made”

  1. Amanda :) Says:

    Your blog makeover looks awesome! You did so good! 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    Oh thank you! That means so much to me to hear you say that.

  3. Sarah Johnson Says:

    Glad you enjoy the McDonald’s Mochas. Maybe I can provide you with a mocha or two compliments of McCafe, Elizabeth City.

    Sarah Johnson
    McDonald’s, Elizabeth City

  4. admin Says:

    Sarah, we were just there last night for Victory Christian School’s proceeds night. In fact, a good percentage of our income gets poured into McCafe’s Iced Mochas. *LOL* Especially when I’m hard at work on a novel. If we get the house we want to buy, we’ll be just 2 miles away. You guys will never get rid of me then!

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