Rethinking Trek

Anyone who knows me also knows that I hate change.  Perhaps it comes from growing up in a house where the furniture never moved, where neighbors never moved, where my mom’s hairstyle never changed.  Change angers and frightens me.

I stewed over the new Trek movie for several weeks and a few curious thoughts struck me.  First of all, Chris Pine is Kirk the way original Kirk (William Shatner) used to be.  He’s all full of confidence and arrogance, bravado and bluster.  He’s a skirt-chasing sumbitch and we all love him for it.  There are moments — a turn of the chin a furrow of the brow — when he looks so much like Shatner that it’s scary.  Kirk and Shatner aged, got heavier, got slower, just as we all do.  God knows, I did.  Now, Pine comes along and breathes new life into the character, gives us back that jaw-breaking action we’ve been longing for throughout the past few headier Trek movies.

So, I can accept it.  New Spock kind of bothers me but only because I’ve been watching him on Heroes for so long I can’t see him as anything but.  And the destruction of Vulcan bothers me too.  There are how many Vulcans left in the universe?  The planet’s gone.  Shame on you, Abrams!  That was just mean and wrong.

Also wrong was the red matter.  I’ve been watching/writing Trek since 1969 and I don’t know what it is.  Where did it come from?  What’s it’s purpose?  It smacks of a Mary Jane story and it sticks in my craw.  That needed to be dealt with in a less superfluous manner.

At the risk of seeming disingenuous, I do love the new McCoy.  He’s more animated, more generous with his emotions.  He’s almost sexier than Kirk himself.  I said, almost.

So, while I can accept the whole altered timeline/new universe with its younger, hipper, more action-packed characters, I still swear allegiance to the TOS actors and the characters they bore into the world.  Sorry, new guys, but that’s just how it is.  I had one Kirk rocket me through puberty and now another arrives to rocket me through menopause.  God must like me at least a little.  Now, could he give me a new, hipper Guiding Light to ease me into my golden years?

Live long and prosper, dudes!

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