Newest Breyer Horses

I think Ebay will be my undoing, at least financially. Everything I ever saw in my childhood is for sale there, even things that I never thought I’d see again. Perhaps that’s what prompted my sudden re-immersion in Breyer horse collecting. I had a huge collection as a kid, nearly every single one they made. I own the first horse that ever rolled off the assembly line, given to me 40-some years ago by a friend. And now, I find all my beloved horses — plus a few new ones — right there on Ebay.

So, these are the newest ones….Holiday Hunt, the 2000 Christmas horse and Cream of Tartar.

I only have one other Christmas horse, Wintersong. But I have most of the Halloween horses: Cryptic, Nosferatu, Twilight Terror, Phantasma. I still need the more expensive ones, but I have lots of time.

As for the crochet, I’m working on a nifty little button cozy. I will post the pattern for it as soon as I perfect it.

Stay loopy!

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3 Responses to “Newest Breyer Horses”

  1. David Says:

    Hey you…

    Anyone who does not believe the hand-sanding of floors or climbing around on rooftops and huge ladders to paint can ask me. She’s an amazing, beautiful and talented woman. Of course, I may be slightly prejudiced…


  2. David Says:

    The Christmas horses are very pretty, but you know I prefer the Halloween ones…

    Don’t go buying them all…I won’t have anything to surprise you with!


  3. Bob Younce at the Writing Journey Says:

    Very cool horses! Stumbled my way to your blog, I forget from where…

    I’d love to see the “Nosferatu.” Sounds really cool.

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