What happens when you’re addicted to being addicted

I have an addictive personality.  Nothing harmful, mind you, unless you count cigarettes.  I have a life-long addiction to those.  But I get addicted to other things very easily.  Chocolate.  Coffee.  The usual.  I got addicted to crochet when my mom showed me how to make my own poncho 35 years ago.  Thanks to her, I have more afghans in my house than a family of 20 would need and I would have more if I hadn’t donated and/or gifted a good 50 of them.

When I was 4, a neighbor gave me my first Breyer horse.  That started a life-long addiction that nearly ended when my mother forced me to get rid of my collection at the age of 17.  I had 73 horses at the time.  I’ve almost reconstructed the old collection, plus added quite a few new ones.  I love them.  I can’t help it.

My newest addiction is something I never saw coming and I blame David for it.  We were at the Navy Exchange and he picked out a pig for Katie.  It was a Webkinz pig.  I warned him not to do it.  I told him that the stuffed animal had to be registered, that there was a virtual world involved, that it wouldn’t end with just the pig.  He bought it anyway.

We took Wilbur the pig home and registered him on webkinz.com.  It was cute.  We were mildly amused and Katie found that she was unable to do most of the activities on the site.  But she liked decorating the rooms and watching Wilbur take classes at the Kinzville Academy.  We logged on daily and puttered.  Then, a strange thing happened.  We found a website called webkinzinsider.com.  They had information on stuff we never dreamed of.  There were gems to be searched for, rare items to collect, kinz kash to earn.  We could play games, search through the forest for charms, and a host of other things.  There were people on that site who had in excess of 200 webbies and lots of people who had a ton of trophies.  There were room galleries showcasing their design talents.

It’s all my fault for being so damned competetive.  I was hooked.

We bought more webbies, bought some trading cards, bought figurines and clothing and carriers and bookmarks and….we were totally addicted.  I posted pics of our rooms, of our pets in their clothes, of trophies we’d won.

Does Katie enjoy this as much as I do?  I’m not sure.  She has a good time doing it and we have fun being together.  But I’m not sure that she is quite as driven as I am.  She doesn’t freak out at 4PM if we have to be somewhere and Arte has the Aztec Calendar at the Curio Shop.  But she loves the plushies and she adores the searches and achievements.

We have like 75 webbies now, plus about 40 rooms in our webkinz mansion.  We even staged a wedding in the fairy chapel for our hippos, whose baby was actually present at the wedding.  We’re geeks, we’re nerds, we’re addicts, we’re people without lives.  We live in a place where the only recreation is eating and the local gathering spot is Food Lion.  It’s sad.  So, webkinz world gives us the illusion of having a real life, even though it is lived out in the guise of a few pixels splattered across a screen, controlled by our mouse, and bought at the expense of…well…great expense.

If they came out with a Mr. Spock webby who liked to crochet and collect Breyer horses, I’d be in heaven.

Webkinz World is like Second Life without the trolls.  It’s sweet and innocent and completely stress free.  They don’t tax our Kinz Kash, they don’t foreclose on our webkinz mansion.  And when we go there, EVERYone is glad to see us.  What could be more perfect (or addicting) than that?


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3 Responses to “What happens when you’re addicted to being addicted”

  1. Christine Says:

    Then you best not go to modelhorseblab.com. I am a lifer in the model horse dept., over 40 years addicted. I show, I teach 4h to show, I judge model horse shows. I have over 500. It is an addiction.

  2. admin Says:

    Wow! You’re hardcord, huh? *LOL* I’ve never been in a position to go to shows or anything. I did enter a photo contest once, years ago. But my time is divided between old house, kids, hubby, writing, horses…and such. Maybe when I’m retired. *LOL* As IF!

  3. Darlene Anderson Says:

    I started Breyer collection for my daughter and now we are adding to it for granddaughter. We all love horses and, of course, have Breyer models that look like all the horses we’ve had!

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