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Everybody who’s anybody has a blog, right? I guess I’m a little late coming to the party, but I’m here now. So, this is my first blog and every now and again I’ll bug you about my current crochet project, my newest Breyer horse, or my bi-weekly rant on Guiding Light. Yes, it’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve watched that soap since I was a little girl (back before the oceans receded) and I haven’t missed an episode since 1968. Even when Hurricane Isabelle hit, I listened to it on a small radio that got tv reception. That’s how desperate I was to see it.

I’m also a trekker from way back. Yea, I prefer original cast, but I also love TNG. Currently, I have an odd addiction to American Idol. I’ve watched for three seasons now. I’ve come to firmly believe that the judges push whichever person THEY want to stay. They slam that contestant on the show so that everyone, including votefortheworst.com, will vote for that person, thus making sure that they stay. Yea, sounds paranoid, right? Maybeeeee….

My husband and I are writers. He has a ton of books out and I’ve happily been published in a lot of magazines and anthologies. I do enjoy writing horror and scifi. For now, I want to turn to crochet books. I’ve written quite a few patterns and either offered them for free, had them published for free, or been paid in copies. That’s how you get known, no matter what you write. So, I’m off on a new adventure and my plan is simple. I will create a new pattern, make an item from that pattern to test it and make a photo. Then I will donate that item to charity, probably Warm Up America, or our local rest home. I crochet a lot. I have a ton of patterns in my head. This should be good for many years of pleasure.

And all that brings me to my biggest project ever. Seven years ago, we bought this HUGE old house in NC. It was right before the housing boom and we got it for a song. Seriously. But it needed a lot of work, which is why we got it so cheap. I mean, I can’t even count how many rooms are in this house, that’s how big it is. But it needed a new roof, two new a/c units, plus a bunch of new appliances. I refinished the second story floors BY HAND. That’s right, 1500 square feet of hand scraping, sanding, staining and varnishing. I did the staircase as well. Ceilings were painted, the entire upstairs bathroom overhauled and still not quite done. I painted the surround-porch twice now and it needs it again. In NC, paint doesn’t stick. I’ve painted the entire outside of the house as well. Climbed over it and hanged off it. It took me three years to finish scraping, sanding, priming and painting. I still haven’t done the dormers because I’m waiting for the last two parts of the roof to be finished. Until then, I’m afraid to put a ladder on it.

I’ll post lots of pictures here of the house, the crochet, the horses, and other interesting bits of stuff when I get the chance. I also like doodling with graphics programs, so you might get a Guiding Light wallpaper upside the head or a Star Trek web graphics set in the face.

Until next time, have fun and be good.


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