The Best of Easter

I don’t often post info on other people’s tutorials and DIYs.  But I was cruising Pinterest looking for some new ideas for Easter, and I just couldn’t let them go without sharing.  Inexplicably, I’m feeling a total lack of inspiration this year.  I’m just not into the whole Easter experience.  If you’re finding it hard to get into the spirit, maybe some of these links will help you too.

Of course, what would Easter be without eggs?  Here are a few ideas for decorating eggs.  We used the Kool-Aid method for dying last year.  It worked great, was fast, gave a vibrant color, and smelled good to boot.




And when you and the kids are done dying eggs, you can enjoy a little kid’s arts and crafts time.  This one was really cute and simple.

These little birdies were so cute!  And I love that they’re made from repurposed items.

If you’re not into the traditional egg hunt, you might try this little gem.  I think I’ll give it a shot this year.


And of course, what would Easter be without an awesome Easter wreath on your front door?

For your baking and decorating (and eating) please, I present the coolest cupcakes this side of…well…ANYWHERE.


And if you’re tired of the same old Easter basket schtick, you might want to try this little mason jar idea.  You can get the edible grass at Walmart.  It’s all pretty self-explanatory.


And I fell in love with this cool centerpiece.


So, I hope you found some Easter inspiration here.  Have a happy holiday and I leave you with an adorable bunny picture.





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