TUTORIAL: Pillow Covers From Placemats (No sew)

So, we recently bought this wonderful new leather sofa for our living room.  I adore it, but the pillows were horrible.  They’re some sort of dreadful burgundy and tan mock damask and the fringe at the edges sheds all over our home on a daily basis.  I wanted some new pillows that were more in our color scheme of turquoise and lime green but at today’s prices for designer throw pillows?  No way!
What I did find were some awesome color matched placemats at Target.  The set of four were only $8 and so I bought two sets…one to use on our table and one to turn into throw pillows for the sofa.  It only took me a little over an hour to make all four pillow covers and there was no sewing involved.  It’s really easy, I promise.
What you need:
4 pillow forms of your choice (I used 14 inch square because they fit the mats)
4 lengths of velcro self-stick that are as wide as your mats
4 placemats
A seam ripper

I started with a simple placemat

Start by ripping open the seam on one short end of the placemat.

Then I just ripped open one end.

Slip the pillow form inside and fold the fabric in until you have just enough of a fabric lip to cover the end of the pillow with a tiny bit left over to cover the velcro edge.  I had to fold mine in 4 inches.

Pinning the fabric makes it easier.

Place pins from the outside in on both side of the edge, leaving enough space to place your velcro without interfering with the removal of the pins.  About 2 inches in should do it.  Then, simply cut your velcro to the right length and peel and stick one half of the velcro to each side of the opening.
Stick half of the velcro to each side.
Press the velcro closed and remove your pins.  Voila!  Your pillow cover is done.  You can also remove it easily for washing when the time comes, just make sure to wash only in cold water as the hot water will cause the velcro to release.
The finished product.And thanks to my model and constant helper: Katie!

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