First Christmas In Our New House

We moved into this house right after last Christmas, so this is the first time we’ve decorated for the holidays here.  A test-drive, if you will.  New house, new decorations.  I have pinterest to thank for almost all of it.  The Penguin was compliments of David and Katie.  They found it at Big Lots on a shopping trip and couldn’t resist.  He has given us fits in the wind as of late: Blowing away, deflating, ripping free of his moorings.  But he’s still with us, intact, with a duct tape bandage covering one battle scar.  He suits us.

The front of our house










Ornaments hung from ribbons










Repurposed wreath with an ornament from the tree










We already had the wreath for this one, so I just added an ornament from the outside tree to make it match.  I couldn’t find a decent wreath hanger and wasn’t willing to wait for one to surface, thus the black one.


Tilted presents












This one was made using repurposed trash cans (our garden departments had no pots or anything available, so I did what I could) and a dowel which is anchored in rocks and holds the packages in place.  I found this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist.

More will be added each year, no doubt, as we discover the true personality of our house, our neighborhood and the crazy folks who live inside.  More will be added as I cruise Pinterest for hours at a time.  That site has stolen more of my time than any other.  I love it.

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