It’s been a long time since I posted here. I’d like to say it’s because I was busy, or just couldn’t find the time. The truth is, I’m lazy and there hasn’t been much going on around here.

Well, Steph is in college and Bill went off to the Navy last August, so I have a bit more time on my hands. We’re all really proud of Bill. Somewhere up in heaven, my father is looking down with pride. His only child (sadly, me) didn’t go into the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy. My uncles were all in the Navy, my dad was in the Navy. And now my son has redeemed the blood line. Currently, he’s at the sub school in Groton, CT. He’s doing well, getting ranked up, and learning tons. We really are so proud.

Zach is fixing to follow in his footsteps, with Zane not far behind him. Katie is getting straight A’s in school like always. She’s genius enough to skip a grade or so. For example, she’s reading (by choice) “Pygmalion” and “Moby Dick.”

So, what to do with my new-found free time? Well, for one thing, I’m getting the new house into shape. It’s still a new house even though we’ve lived here 11 months, right? Yea, in typical ME fashion, boxes live in the garage, unpacked since the move from FLORIDA. Right. That was 3 houses ago. More still remain from our move last January.

Believe it or not, most of my life was spent in blissful organization. I had lists for everything, containers for everything, plans, alphabetized files, etc. I’ve gotten a leg up on all that by starting my Home Management Binder. I’ve put all our random and cast-aside instruction manuals in three binders according to type. And I’ve organized our bathroom closet into containers.

So, I’m going to start down this rather long road again by simultaneously organizing the HUGE hall closet and the HUGE pantry. And I shall do this while preparing for not only Christmas, but 4 birthdays besides! Oh yea! Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall piles of clutter in a single bound….

My next post will start with the hall closet. I will post the inspirations for my organizational project and I will post the dreaded BEFORE pictures. That’s right, I’m going to let you into my befores, expose my closets in all their disruptive hog-town glory. And then I’ll show you my sorting process and the final result. The pantry may take awhile. It’s enormous and the amount of food and the number of appliances stored there are daunting.

For now, full speed ahead. I must finish my outdoor tree, wrap Stephanie’s birthday presents, make out the invitations for Katie’s birthday party, and have a little chat with Santa.

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