Free Recipe Cards

We’ve been really busy here lately, so I haven’t posted much.  I feel bad about that.  Really.  I just haven’t had the time.  For now, I have ten recipe cards for you to use.  These were created from stock images I bought for other projects, clipart, original graphics, and of course, the wonderful scrap sets offered by the amazing Amanda.  They’re free, with no copyright, no restrictions.  Each of these is in Paintshop format.  To use them, simply download the image to your computer and open it in Paintshop.  Click on your text tool, type or cut and paste your favorite recipe.  Then, when you have it formatted just the way you like it, click Layers>convert to raster layer.  All done.  If you prefer to hand write your recipes, just print out the card and write away!  These are all 6 x 4 cards and they print nicely on photo paper or unlined card stock.  Here are a few previews for you.


>>>Download the zip files here and here<<<












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