Never buy an Acer computer

I’ve owned a lot of computers over the years.  My first was an Apple II.  I skipped over the whole Commodore craze.  Then came my Apple IIe, and then a Compaq Deskpro.  That silly computer lasted me some 14 years, over a billion words of novels and medical transcripts.  It was still working when I gave it to a friend to experiment on.

The computer I own now is an Acer,  It was bought because the hard drive on my HP died after 3 years of use.  Said Acer is a mid-level computer, certainly not top of the line, but not cheap crap either.  I had used it for about 7 months when it crashed.  We sent it off to the manufacturer, who repaired it.  Seems there were blown memory chips on the motherboard.  They sent it back with a new motherboard, data intact, and all was well…for a little less than 2 months.  Last night, the stupid computer started crashing again, in the same way.  David’s a network engineer, so he knows about such things.  It’s the same problem, no doubt.  After the fix, the same failure happened.  Absurd!  So, now we must box it up (I just got around to throwing out the box it last shipped in) and send it back to Acer.

There’s time and work lost.  Hopefully, the data will survive because I have a lot of images and stories on there, some work that was done since the last backup.  For the love of God, how can a computer — any computer — be that big of a piece of crap?  It crashes and dies twice in 8 months?  What Chinese-made piece of junk motherboards are they putting into those things anyway?

It will be a cold day in hell before I ever buy another Acer product.  Their support sucks, their products suck.  And to top if all off, the computer was purchased at Office Max, on their store credit card.  Months later, we get a notice from them that they are discontinuing their credit card services. We will not be able to make any more purchases with our card.  Now, we always make MUCH larger than minimum payments on our cards, and almost always on time.  Now they are calling us relentlessly, wanting us to make larger payments, hurry up and pay off the card.

How about this?  Instead of paying off a card I can no longer use, why doesn’t Office Max take that card and the piece of crap computer they sold me and put them deep where the sun don’t shine?  How about they remove the charges for said computer from the card and to quote “The Bride of Chucky” kiss my shiny plastic as*????  How about THAT?

So, I suggest everyone avoid Office Max like the plague and stay FAR away from Acer products.  Both are festering sores on the consumers of this nation and should be run out of business.  Long live Office Depot!!!!

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