Things I’ll never get around to

There are about a hundred things I’d like to do that I know I’ll never get around to.  I’d like to write a cookbook.  I have some great recipes passed down from my mom and grandmother.  And I have a few things of my own that I think would be awesome.  But even if my family could withstand the constant onslaught of new meals (some good, some bad) I’ll never find the time to get through it all.

I have a new novel idea.  I’ve had lots of those over the years and some of them have panned out.  Quite a few, though, never get past the first ten pages.  I write like the wind the first day, then trickle out a few pages the next.  By day three, I usually lose interest.  It’s some special form of ADD that only writers get, I think.

I finally finished painting my son’s room.  It’s a deep red, very nice, and the new comforter and drapes that he picked out will look great in there.  I’m forcing organization on him by getting him some shelves and storage baskets.  Previously, his pool table was used for laundry storage and there were as many dust tumble weeds on the floor as toys.  I don’t think the floor has been vacuumed since I put the last coat of varnish on it 7 years ago.

Our roof will finally be fixed in the next 2 weeks.  We’ve saved and labored for 7 years for that, too.  And once it’s done, I can start painting the porch ceiling…all 450 square feet of it.  Then I can start re-repairing the porch floor and paint it for the THIRD time.  Of course, there’s always the handrail on the carport that’s attached to the garage.  It’s 40 linear feet of handrail…all wood…and very much in need of paint.

Since moving here, I’ve painted the front, side and back porches three times.  I’ve sealed the deck three times.  I’ve painted the entire house over a period of years.  And every handrail on the place has had at least 2 coats of paint.  As soon as I get the entire place coated in paint, something sheds and I have to start over.

And THAT is why I’ll never get around to cook books and such.  I am starting a book on crochet.  I wasn’t sure if I was any good at making up patterns or not.  Then I managed to sell a pillow pattern to the Crochet-a-day calendar people.  Now, I’m inspired to write several crochet books, one themed for young people and one themed for men.  But to accomplish that, I have to make each and every afghan, scarf and shawl, then write out the pattern, photograph it, check it all.  Then I can put it all together and go looking for a publisher.

I have no idea how these crochet authors find the time to write as many books as they do.  They must not own old houses, that’s for sure.  Or teen-age boys.  *grin*

Tomorrow, the furniture goes back in the man cub’s room, so I’ll post some before and after pictures.  You’ll be stunned.  No really.  The difference is absolutely astonishing.



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3 Responses to “Things I’ll never get around to”

  1. David Says:

    You are amazing, you know that, right? And we’ll “withstand” cooking very happily…though I’m not sure the opinion of the 15 year old garbage disposal will help you in your quest to sell good recipes (lol)


  2. Hugh Coyle Says:


    Loved your stories, specially
    ’bout constant painting, sounds
    like the Forth Bridge.

    Although I’m older, and have no pool table, I completely agree with your son, there are never sufficient areas for laudry to do.

    Wishing you fair wind with the upcoming crotchet book.

    Hugh Coyle

  3. Bench Saw  Says:

    we are always using storage baskets that are made of natural fibers and paper-*:

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