My new distraction — SPORE!

Okay, so summer is here.  The kids are home.  No school, no schedule.  Things slow down a little.  Except for the fact that I have to spend countless hours cleaning the pool now.  And with the kids home, we can work on some delayed projects like redoing Billy’s room (he’s a slob and his laundry lives on his pool table) and refinishing the downstairs floors.

But Spore has put a damper on all that.  I bought a copy of Creature Creator.  THEN I discovered that the silly software won’t work with my video card.  My puter is 3 years old, who knew?  So, the $10 program made us go get a new $80 video card.  Thankfully, David got it installed and everything up and working amazingly.  And I haven’t been able to pry myself away from it since.

It’s super easy to create the most amazing creatures.  You can test them out in animated dances.  Then you can share them on the Sporepedia.  Or you can upload them to YouTube.  I’ve been doing all of that.  Even Billy got into it and designed Fredd, the many-armed, hip-hop dancing alien with phlegm throwers and multiple spikes.  Fredd’s cool.

David and the boys all play Rock Band and guitar hero.  For all my music ability, I suck at Guitar Hero.  But I have Creature Creator and I’m jonesing for the Spore game proper.  I want to build universes and conquer other creatures and evolve, man.

Until Spore comes out, I will home my creature skills and hopefully come up with the ultimate beastie to take into the world of Spore.  In between painting Billy’s room deep red and sanding the crud out of the wood floors, of course.

I hate to sound like a paid advertisement, but if you haven’t checked out Creature Creator, you should hurry on over to and check it out.  It was tailor made for horror people.  You can make Cthulhu with it.  *grin*



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